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FACT has a long tradition of supporting professionals and volunteers (including their spouses or partners) who have been accused of abuse in an occupational setting. Any help that we give to the falsely accused is provided on the basis of members’ experience of relevant issues which may, or may not, suit individual circumstances. If you have been wrongly accused of abuse or misconduct you should immediately seek advice from a competent and experienced solicitor and continue to do so throughout the investigative period.

We offer support in a number of ways.

hands, providing help for the falsely accused

Telephone Helpline 0333 335 5827

The helpline is available 10am to 10pm daily. Please note that this is a ‘charged for’ number (FACT does not receive income from this). Costs will vary according to phone provider.

Calls to the helpline will be answered by a firm of solicitors. These solicitors specialize in bespoke defence legal services to professionals and those in public positions of responsibility who are vulnerable to wrongful allegations of sexual abuse. Please be aware that they can only advise people from England and Wales because they don’t have expertise in the legal systems of other countries. If you are from the USA please see this page.

If you are not looking for email advice but you’re seeking general help, you can phone 0333 335 5934

FACT is sympathetic to those who have been falsely accused of offences other than sexual abuse, unfortunately we do not have the expertise to help in those situations.

Email support for the falsely accused

If you prefer not to use the helpline you could email support@factuk.org

We provide direct support to accused people as they negotiate police and employment procedures as a result of being falsely accused.

We are able to signpost people to specialist lawyers.

FACT Conferences

FACT arranges two conferences a year for FACT members, Associates and Friends of FACT. This is an opportunity to be with others who have suffered from false allegations and learn from each other. Our experience is that this can be a very supportive environment. Our many expert speakers are a great encouragement.

“my wife …. was really touched with how kind everyone was and how welcome everyone made her feel. It was the first time she hasn’t felt alone in this awful situation.”

Wife of a member, after attending one of our conferences

Annual Church Service

FACT arranges an annual Church service in London for those of any faith or none,. This is a chance to meet other victims of wrongful allegations afterwards. This is an occasion to recognize together our shared suffering and gain strength from each other.

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