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We normally have two FACT conferences a year, (except in a pandemic), in Spring and Autumn. The Autumn conference is combined with our Annual General Meeting when elections to the National Committee are held and the Committee reports to the membership.

We have had many well known speakers at FACT conferences over the years, such as the BBC ‘Rough Justice’ presenter David Jessel and Daniel Janner QC.

Other speakers include our president Sister Frances Dominica OBE, DL, FRCN and our our vice-president Harvey Proctor.

Other speakers include many notable academics and experts in the field of law including: Dr Dennis Eady (of the Cardiff Innocence Project), Naomi-Ellen Speechley, Dr Ros Burnett, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Dr Stephanie Roberts, Professor Carolyn Hoyle, Professor Terry Thomas and Dr Mai Sato.

Dr Kevin Felstead from the British False Memory Society is an expert on false memories and has also contributed.

Speaker at a FACT conference
A panel at one of our FACT conferences

In addition we have had presentations by a number of barristers and solicitors with an interest in miscarriages of justice.

You can download the conference programmes below.

2012 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2013 Spring Conference Programme

2013 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2014 Spring Oxford Conference Programme

2014 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2015 Spring Cardiff Conference Programme

2016 Spring Conference Programme

2017 Spring Conference Programme

2017 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2018 Spring Conference Programme

2018 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2019 Spring Conference Programme

2019 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2022 Spring Conference Programme

2022 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

2023 Spring Conference Programme

2023 Autumn Conference and AGM Programme

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