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FACT is a voluntary organization made up of lay members.  We are not legal experts and so we can’t provide legal advice.

We do however have a lot of experience of supporting people throughout the U.K. who work (or have worked) in positions of responsibility and trust who conscientiously maintain they have been falsely accused of abuse of or misconduct with children or vulnerable people.


  • provides a telephone support helpline (see side panel)
  • has a website offering advice and relevant articles
  • represents the falsely accused to government inquiries and relevant organisations
  • provides guidance through court cases
  • provides support for those in prison through emails (including international), correspondence, Christmas cards, the distribution of ‘FACTion’ magazine and visiting
  • provides support for the families of those falsely accused
  • holds two conferences a year which include a significant time for socialising and providing mutual support
  • holds an annual church service for support, encouragement and to pray for the falsely accused
  • produces regular newsletters throughout the year called ‘FACTion’
  • responds to media inquiries
  • liaises with other falsely accused support groups

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