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The importance of Bishop George Bell

January 25, 2018:

Bishop George Bell (1883 – 1958) is famed for being one of the first to speak out against the dangers Hitler posed in the 1930s and for saving many lives during these years by guaranteeing refugees from Germany. He was one of the few to condemn our government’s obliteration bombing of German cities during the […]

Response to publication of ISA guidelines

March 22, 2010:

Our attention has been brought to an response by Roy Everett on the Children and Young People Now website concerning an ISA press release  on its newly published guidance on the ISA’s vetting and barring scheme.  His response is as follows: Hillier’s assurances carefully side-step the key flaw in the system: Singleton’s insistence that mere […]

Employers running out of time to prepare for new Vetting & Barring Scheme

February 25, 2010:

The ISA have issued a Media Release informing employers that time is running out for them to prepare for new Vetting & Barring Scheme Employers running out of time to prepare for new Vetting & Barring Scheme For the first time if you knowingly or unknowingly employ someone without the proper ISA/CRB checks you will be […]

Secretary of State accepts new ISA recommendations on safeguarding

December 14, 2009:

The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (Ed Balls) has issued a press release confirming the Government’s response to Sir Roger Singleton’s report on the Vetting and Barring Scheme, “Drawing the Line”. It says ….. I am today publishing Sir Roger Singleton’s report on the Vetting and Barring Scheme, “Drawing the Line”, together […]

ISA issues official guidance

November 4, 2009:

The Independent Safeguarding Authority have published official guidance in relation to the introduction of the initial phase of the Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS). This is available by clicking on the following link: As the Scheme moves forward you may find it helps your staff, member organisations or other stakeholders, if you put the following […]

The Policing and Crime Bill – changes to CRB practice

January 1, 2009:

A new piece of legislation, the Policing and Crime Bill was introduced to Parliament in December. This Bill, in clauses 62 – 72 proposes to make various amendments to the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (SVGA) and to the Police Act 1997 Part V which concerns listing and crbs. The main effects are: Clause 62: Renaming […]

Care home staff fear false allegations by disgruntled employees

September 4, 2003:

Members of the North Wales Care Association regularly attend meetings facilitated by the North Wales Police Authority with representatives of other organisations to discuss the protection of Vulnerable Adults in North Wales…The Association is concerned that there is a potential for malicious complaints to be made, possibly by former staff members who have been dismissed […]

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