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A case of mistaken identity that cost Anthony Broadwater 40 years of his life

January 15, 2022:

The tragic story of Antony Broadwater’s wrongful conviction is essential reading because, although it took place in the USA, there are important lessons for our own justice system. Mistaken Identity In 1981 Alice Sebold, an 18-year-old student in Syracuse University in the US, was violently raped in an underpass amongst broken beer bottles and dead […]

The Tyranny of Rape Myths Dogma

July 9, 2018:

This article is by Peter Joyce, one of our members from New Zealand who was wrongfully accused of raping a child. He wrote about his experience in a book titled ‘Dry Ice’. You can download the article as a PDF file, or continue reading below. “No no no!” said my lawyer, as if it would […]

Wrongful allegations of sexual assault are not extremely rare

January 22, 2018:

Those who have suffered a wrongful allegation of child sexual abuse will know how hurtful it is to hear the often repeated statement, ‘false allegations are extremely rare’. This seems to be the automatic response whenever a false allegation of sexual assault is uncovered. The intention no doubt is to reassure genuine victims that their […]

Child sexual abuse statistics need careful interpretation

September 28, 2017:

Anyone who has been wrongfully accused of child abuse will know how difficult it is to convince others, whether police, social services or their employers, that they are innocent. One reason for this may be that everyone is subject to cognitive biases. These are very common thinking errors which influence the way we make decisions. […]

50 Shades of Grey formed basis for false rape claim

August 15, 2016:

According to an article in the Independent on 14th August, a daughter confessed in court that she had fabricated her claim that her father had raped her on eight occasions over several years. Until her barrister spotted that she used “certain words, phrases and descriptions which seemed beyond her years,” his situation seemed bleak. On […]

MP calls for rape anonymity laws to be reviewed after case dropped

January 7, 2015:

The Conservative MP Mark Pritchard has called for a review of laws that grant anonymity to sexual assault complainants after Scotland Yard said that he would face no further action over a rape allegation. Pritchard, the MP for The Wrekin, in Shropshire, attacked what he described as the “vindictive and outrageous story” that led to […]

Law graduate faces jail after being found guilty of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of a series of rapes

June 6, 2014:

A law graduate faces jail after being found guilty of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of a series of rapes and assaults as an excuse for doing poorly in her barrister training. The allegations made by Rhiannon Brooker meant Paul Fensome was arrested, charged and held in prison for 37 days. Following an 11-week trial, […]

FACT contributes to Radio 5 Live debate

March 12, 2013:

FACT members might like to hear FACT’s contribution to the Radio 5 Live perspective on the DPP comments regarding the investigation of sexual offences. You can access here (for a short while) Fast Forward to 2:23:00

Media Release: Chris Saltrese responds to DPP's proposals to review sexual offences programme.

The Following media release has been issued by Chris Saltrese, a solicitor specialising in defending allegations of sexual abuse . MEDIA RELEASE CHRIS SALTRESE RESPONSE TO THE DPP’S PROPOSALS TO REVIEW SEXUAL OFFENCE PROSECUTIONS “Case building’ risks case manufacture in historic child abuse” warns defence solicitor. Responding to the DPPs proposals to increase prosecutions for alleged […]

Prime Minister responds to MPs concern over plans to give those accused of rape anomymity

June 12, 2010:

Q5. [1330] Caroline Flint (Don Valley) (Lab): “The Coalition: our programme for government” states: “We will extend anonymity in rape cases to defendants.” May I ask the Prime Minister why he believes that defendants in rape cases are more deserving of anonymity than those accused of murder, domestic violence or sexual abuse of children? The […]

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