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‘It’s a life sentence with no reprieve’

April 20, 2005:

Cassandra Jardine meets parents whose children have been taken from them and asks if Britain’s closed adoption system will ever change The Carters’ living room in south London is covered with pictures of their four children. Will and Michelle (not their real names, because family court rules prevent them being identified) yearn to live as […]

Wrongly Convicted Mother leaves Prison with Nothing

April 12, 2005:

A mother who was wrongly convicted of murdering her two children has said she will never celebrate the decision to overturn her convictions. Donna Anthony told the Daily Mirror she was treated as the “worst of the worst” in prison and had “nothing left”. The Appeal Court said her convictions, for which she had served […]

Canning Case Shows Need for Fairer System of Redress

January 25, 2005:

Criminal lawyers argue that compensation schemes for the wrongfully convicted are in urgent need of reform NINE years ago Paul Grecian, a Scottish businessman who used to supply defence equipment for governments worldwide, was languishing in a South African jail after having been arrested under an Interpol extradition order from the US. “I got this […]

Families Denied Justice

January 16, 2005:

Families Denied Justice: If a friend of Lord Falconer can sort out a scandal in the justice system, three cheers for cronyism Nick CohenSunday January 16, 2005The Observer The iron law of all bureaucracies is ‘first we protect ourselves’. In an ideal world they would look to free themselves from scrutiny by operating under the […]

Triumph and Despair: Dave Jones Football Manager

November 28, 2004:

‘When people say you’re innocent until proven guilty, they’re wrong. You’re guilty until you prove your innocence’: the former Wolves manager on the allegations of child abuse that saw him arrested and out of a job [Interview by Arindam Rej]….Becoming Southampton manager in 1997 was the highlight of my coaching career. I had enjoyed two […]

An innocent objection to reduced sentences

September 23, 2004:

Proposals to reduce sentences for guilty pleas would make life harder for the thousands of people who end up wrongfully convicted, writes Dr Michael Naughton….This week, a debate has raged about the draft plans of the Sentencing Guidelines Council, chaired by the lord chief justice, Lord Woolf, to reduce the prison sentences of murderers if […]

Early guilty pleas may earn discounts on jail terms

September 21, 2004:

In a move that will bring hoirror to all those who maintain their innocence and have been wrongly accused the Sentencing Commission chaired by Lord Woolfe have recommended that early guilty please might attract a discount. A report in todays Guardian states:”Defendants facing murder charges will be encouraged to plead guilty early to cut a […]

Northern Ireland Abuse Case Verdict

Two former care workers found guilty of abusing children at a Barnardo’s home have been jailed for a total of 29 years. Margaret Hewitt, 69, formerly of Drain’s Bay, Larne and Robert George Anderson, 46, from Ballycarry, but now living in England, were convicted of a catalogue of abuse at Belfast Crown Court in June.On […]

Ex-teacher to be tried 3rd time in molest case [USA]

September 4, 2004:

The District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday it will try former Clairemont elementary school teacher Thad Jesperson for the third time on charges of molesting some of his second-grade students. “Two separate juries have labeled him a child molester,” prosecutor Tracy Prior said after a San Diego Superior Court hearing that dismayed the numerous Jesperson backers […]

Injustice victims given new chance

September 3, 2004:

Victims of miscarriages of justice have helped set up a network to enable academics, lawyers and those wrongly accused of crimes in the past to research cases of prisoners who say they have been falsely convicted. Criminals who have exhausted their appeals process will be able to ask the organisation – known as the Innocence […]

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