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No hugs allowed, unless it’s a gorilla

February 14, 2018:

Imagine you are a family doctor, you have known the patient in front of you for as long as you can remember. Sadly, you have had to tell them they have a life threatening illness. They become very distressed. Would you try and comfort them with a hug, or would you give them a hand […]

Website for victims of abuse in care homes

March 17, 2009:

In the interests of fairness and openess we draw your attention to a web site which set up to support victims of child abuse in care homes, and represents the other sde of the argument. The website is called poundpuplegacy

Expert witnesses, suspect science and dead babies

June 27, 2005:

Expert witnesses, suspect science and dead babiesWhy have women been wrongly convicted of killing their children? Dr James Le Fanu points the finger at medical experts. Below, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick responds. by Dr James Le Fanu’Please, if there is any way you could help with our situation, by yourself or anyone you know, could you […]

‘It’s a life sentence with no reprieve’

April 20, 2005:

Cassandra Jardine meets parents whose children have been taken from them and asks if Britain’s closed adoption system will ever change The Carters’ living room in south London is covered with pictures of their four children. Will and Michelle (not their real names, because family court rules prevent them being identified) yearn to live as […]

It's getting worse for vulnerable parents

October 19, 2004:

Two months ago, health.telegraph explored the problem of children being taken into care after their parents had been falsely accused of ill-treatment. Since then, reports Cassandra Jardine, more than 40 couples have defied the rules of secrecy to tell of their own experiencesSince the acquittal of Sally Clark, Angela Cannings and Trupti Patel, a large […]

Katrina Meaclem missed out on precious time with her dying father because of false sexual abuse allegations. (New Zealand)

May 20, 2004:

False abuse claim robs woman of dying dad By JARROD BOOKER Katrina Meaclem missed out on precious time with her dying father because of false sexual abuse allegations. Sixteen years after her father’s death, Meaclem, 29, cannot forgive Dr Diane Espie, who examined her and added considerable weight to existing claims that she had been […]

The dark side of foster care – False allegation

August 3, 2003:

Although this refers to the American experience it has a lot of echoes for foster-carers throughout the Uk. Read one family’s account of the impact false allegations had on them.

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