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Wrongful Allegation and Conviction Day

October 4, 2016:

Today we remember all those who suffer the long-lasting pain, anxiety and consequences of wrongful allegations. For every story told there are families and friends who are deeply affected by the injustice of a false accusation against a loved one.

The Perfect Scapegoat by Jessie Kyd

September 25, 2016:
Book cover

The Perfect Scapegoat is the true story of a naive twenty-year-old girl unwittingly caught up in an investigation into alleged child sexual abuse.

Introducing Saint Gerard, patron saint of the falsely accused

August 20, 2016:

Saint Gerard is one of many patron saints of the falsely accused. His story is even more relevant now than it was in 1754 when the events leading to his sainthood took place. At the time he was only 28, he belonged to a religious community and was known as Brother Gerard. He had recommended […]

Chris Saltrese Solicitors

Our attention has been drawn to several excellent articles on Chris Saltrese’ website; False Allegations: Contrary to popular belief false allegations of sexual offences are neither rare nor are they readily sifted out by the criminal justice system. Nor can defendants place unquestioning reliance on the ‘scrutiny of the courts’ to secure the correct verdict. […]

50 Shades of Grey formed basis for false rape claim

August 15, 2016:

According to an article in the Independent on 14th August, a daughter confessed in court that she had fabricated her claim that her father had raped her on eight occasions over several years. Until her barrister spotted that she used “certain words, phrases and descriptions which seemed beyond her years,” his situation seemed bleak. On […]

Allegations of Paedophile rings and establishment involvement in child sexual abuse

March 17, 2016:

Today, 17th March 2016, sees the publishing of the long awaited Macur review report looking into the Waterhouse Inquiry into child sexual abuse in care homes in North Wales.

Scottish Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

March 4, 2016:

October 2015 saw the start of the Scottish inquiry chaired by Susan O’Brien QC and in January 2016 FACT was pleased to be asked by the inquiry then known as the Scottish Historical Child Sex Abuse Inquiry, to meet with them to discuss what we wished to see from the 4-year inquiry. We attended a […]

25 worst cases of people being falsely accused

January 22, 2015:

Our attention has been drawn to this article which describes 25 worst cases of people being falsely accused. The list contains the names of: Sally Clark Angela Cannings Nora Wall Gerry Conlan names which will be familiar to regular viewers of this website

Teacher accused of head butting and punching a 13-year-old disruptive pupil cleared by a court of common assault.

December 7, 2014:

A teacher accused of head butting and punching a 13-year-old disruptive pupil was today cleared by a court of common assault. Graham Davies, 55, of Aveton Gifford, south Devon, denied common assault on the boy at a comprehensive school on December 3 last year. The chairman of Totnes Magistrates in south Devon, Anthony Bailey, said: […]

Respected Headteacher cleared by a jury of sexual assault on pupil in just 11 minutes.

November 15, 2014:

James Bird, 53, was arrested at his desk and subjected to an 11-month court ordeal over the claims, dating back more than a decade old, that he abused a pupil.The church-goer, who now works at another school, was even prevented from being alone with his 13-year-old daughter in that time.

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