FACT Submission to the Law Commission 2004

Submission to the Law Commission concerning their report In the Public Interest: Publication of Local Authority Reports (Law Commission: Publication 289)

Attention is drawn to para 103

The need for redress [in respect of being wrongly accused] was argued by a respondent, FACT–North Wales:

The ability (in theory at least) to sue for defamation is often the only recourse for an individual who has been falsely accused to remedy a wrong. This right should not be discarded lightly or weakened in any way. In the experience of FACT – North Wales the reputations of individuals are very often sacrificed by a system which far too often (although not always) is politically motivated and/or panders to prejudice or vote catching initiatives.

FACT–North Wales is the local branch of a national organisation which campaigns against False Allegations Against Carers and Teachers and has branches throughout England and Wales.

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