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How to Appeal

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Find out how to appeal a conviction for sexual abuse. The statue of justice on the Old Bailey should really be blindfolded. Justice is sometimes unjust.

Please Note:

This FACTsheet about how to appeal a conviction is based entirely on a publication by Justice. They are an all-party law reform and human rights organization which actively promotes improvements to the British legal system – through research, education, lobbying and interventions in the courts. We give full acknowledgement and offer our thanks for an excellent publication. 

How to Appeal – a guide to the criminal appeal system

ISBN 978 0 907247 51 7 • 54 pages • A5 Paperback

Available from JusticeFREE to prisoners.  Get a free copy of How to Appeal 2018 (PDF download).

How to Appeal provides simple, accessible information on the appeal system and procedures – for prisoners and those who advise them.

The booklet is in a simple question and answer format – reflecting the main questions asked by prisoners.

It will also be invaluable to anyone who may be asked to give advice on how the criminal appeal system works.


  • easy to follow question and answer format
  • a flowchart of the entire appeals system
  • examples of appeal forms
  • information on how and when to appeal
  • what lawyers can do when legal aid is available
  • what grounds of appeal the court can look at


  • Stage 1            Get yourself organised
  • Stage 2            Start the appeal
  • Stage 3            The ‘single judge’ stage
  • Stage 4            Renewal to the full court
  • Stage 5            The full court hearing
  • Stage 6            The appeal
  • Stage 7            After the appeal
  • Grounds of appeal
  • Legal aid
  • Index of terms used in appeal

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