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By supporting people who are victims of false allegations FACT is involved in all the different aspects of how the lives of individuals are affected. We are in contact with people who have become homeless as a result of false allegations including loss of their home due to funding their defence and other costs, being unable to live in their local community because of threats, through to those leaving prison with nowhere to go.

It is incredibly difficult finding suitable affordable accommodation and we are all very grateful to those actively doing something to help. We are very pleased to have become a registered referral agency to Enabling Homes who are working to provide more high quality properties available for renting to those in housing need. It is not possible to apply directly to Enabling Homes so if this is something which affects you or someone you are supporting contact our secretary for more information on how we may be able to refer you.

Alternatively if you are interested in setting up supported accommodation and or funding a project please contact Enabling Homes direct enablinghomes.co.uk