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It is a sad fact that it can be very difficult to remove information from the internet that damages your reputation. You may have been arrested but not charged, or put on trial and found innocent, but the details of any media reports may remain forever on Google searches. Almost everyone will ‘google’ candidates for a new job, and may be deterred from offering an interview to a person who has been accused of a crime even if they were not convicted.

We are aware of two services that aim to help clean up your online reputation.

Internet Erasure

Internet Erasure Ltd are delighted to be recommended by FACT.
We specialize in the removal of damaging articles, images and videos from Google results pages where there is a correct legal argument for deletion or delisting.
This can include the “Right to be Forgotten”, also known as the “Right to Erasure” under GDPR Article 17, but there are also many other legal grounds to be put forwards on your behalf.
We understand the massive impact that publicity around false allegations can have and our highly experienced caseworkers are on hand to offer advice and guidance to anyone facing such a personal apocalypse.
Please reach out anytime by phone, email or whatsapp  www.interneterasure.co.uk

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My Clean Slate

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