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Gateway to Legislation

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This page provides links to websites that provide information about Legislation, Statutory Instruments and Official Regulations and Guidance.

For specific legislation in the constituent parts of the United Kingdom see:-

Probably the two most useful sites are the The UK Statute Law Database and the Office of Public Sector Information.

The UK Statute Law Database is an online database of UK Statute Law. It is free of charge and available to all at  www.statutelaw.gov.uk. It carries both primary and secondary UK legislation. Most types of primary legislation are held in ‘revised’ form. This means that amendments made to them by subsequent legislation are incorporated into the text. Most types of secondary legislation on SLD are not revised and are held only in the form in which they were originally made.

The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) is at the heart of information policy, setting standards, providing a practical framework of best practice for opening up and encouraging the re-use of public sector information. It provides a wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information. The site is part of the Cabinet Office reporting structure and was formerly known as Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO).

For European legislation see the Eurpean Parliament web site.