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General Information

FACT has developed a number of information sheets we call FACTsheets.

Read this if you have just been falsely accused. What happens next?

You Might You be Next- a warning to all those who work with, or on behalf of children and vulnerable adults

How to cope with a false allegation. Coping with a false allegation of historic abuse in care or teaching

How to cope emotionally after a false allegation, brief summary based on experiences of FACT members and their partners. Strategies for coping emotionally after a wrongful allegation of sexual abuse

More detailed advice on coping emotionally after a wrongful allegation. How to cope emotionally after a wrongful allegation


Arrest and Interview – getting the best out of a police interview

Employers: (Workplace)

The investigating Officers Duties A brief summary of the the responsibilities and duties of an Investigating Officer in disciplinary proceedings/employment) hearing.

Disciplinary Hearings – summing up for the accused A model framework for summing up for the accused in disciplinary (employment) hearing.

Investigative Practice

What Happens Next? I have been accused – what happens next.

Falsely Accused: Top Tips Top ten tips for when you have been falsely accused.

Lobbying and Campaigning

Prison and Parole

Prison: coping with arrival A former prisoner gives some advice on how best to cope with imprisonment.

Readers are advised to look at the Government’s overview on Parole for details of recent changes in law and practice