Other helpful organisations

This is a list of some of the other organisations that provide information and support for the wrongfully accused.

The British False Memory Society

FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation)

SAFARI (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information)

PAFAA (another support organisation)

Prisoners Maintaining Innocence

Email ppminnocence@googlemail.com

Miscarriage of Justice Service help those people who have been wrongly convicted and referred by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, when the CCRC have agreed to support their appeal

Unfounded is a campaigning organisation, recently formed in order to inform government and other bodies about the existence and injustice of wrongful allegations.


The following organisations provide useful background information in some of their articles

The Justice Gap, ‘a magazine about law and justice and the difference between the two’. Highly recommended.

Blogging about errors of justice. A site about miscarriages of justice. The author achieved a First in his BSc in Applied Criminology (Miscarriages of Justice) at Derby University.

Blackstone’s Drum. William Blackstone famously said that “it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” If you are feeling that the presumption of innocence in English Law has been eroded this is the site for you.

Help for those awaiting sentencing

Easy Jail offers advice to help those unfortunate enough to be facing a custodial sentence. Being prepared can take a little of the sting out of the shock of imprisonment for a crime you haven’t committed.

Help for families of prisoners

Easy Jail can provide all sorts of support for a prisoner’s loved ones, including negotiating with creditors, providing help with relocation, even attending a prison visit with families if needed. Of course, Easy Jail helps with factual information about prison regulations that families might find difficult to find elsewhere.

Contact Easy Jail at pcs@factuk.org

Here you can find out how to apply for financial help for visiting someone in prison.

Help with prison visits

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