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Full Membership

Full membership is available for those who have been have been falsely accused and/or their relatives, colleagues or friends.

Membership of FACT currently costs £40 per year for a household but is free to serving prisoners (and their dependants), and to those who have been released from prison.

To enquire about membership, email us: sec@factuk.org.

Please note:

  • We only deal with allegations of abuse made in a work setting (paid or unpaid). We are therefore unable to provide advice or support to individuals who have been accused of abuse by family members, close friends, neighbours, or by strangers
  • We must make it clear that there is no place in F.A.C.T. for people who are actually guilty of neglecting, harming or abusing children, young people or adults.
  • Do not waste our time by approaching us if you are guilty. Membership is not open to those who have been found in possession of child pornography including on any computer for which you are responsible.
  • FACT does not provide legal advice, or financial support.

Download a full membership form here

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to anyone who shares our aims and objectives and/or is concerned about justice miscarrying in cases of alleged abuse.  Associate membership may therefore be of particular interest to academics, politicians, lawyers,  those working in human resources or in work settings which make them especially vulnerable to false allegations of abuse.

Download an associate member form

Friend of FACT. If you support what we do but do not feel Full or Associate Membership is right for you why not become a friend of FACT.

Download a Friend of FACT Application Form here (PDF)

 Benefits of Membership

  • Low membership fee
  • Prioritised support
  • Regular Email Updates
  • Right to attend FACT Conferences (free of charge)
  • Right to vote at AGM (held in September)
  • Exclusive access to useful resources on FACT web site (coming soon)
  • Opportunity to attend our Christmas Gathering and Annual Vigil (space permitting)
  •  Access to people experienced in defending false accusations which are being investigated by social services, children, schools and families sector, employers, professional bodies, listing bodies and the police
  • Signposting to experienced lawyers and other specialists


Our membership consists mainly of

  1. carers, teachers and other professionals* who have been falsely accused of abuse in an occupational setting
  2. family, friends and colleagues of carers, teachers and other professionals who have been falsely accused of abuse
  3. a wide range of people who look after or support children or adults, or help with their education who are concerned that their occupation makes them vulnerable to a false accusation of abuse
  4. individuals** who have not been accused but who share our aims and objectives or have an interest in justice issues.

* This includes:

  • children’s homes or approved schools
  • mainstream education including ancillary staff, admin staff, Governors and taxi drivers and their escorts
  • special education (residential or day provision)
  • colleges, further and higher education establishments
  • day care units (playgroups, childminders, and nurseries
  • foster carers
  • the voluntary sector (youth and community work including uniformed organisations and sports clubs)
  • health care provision
  • faith groups and religious communities
  • the police and prison services
  • the armed forces

** This includes

  • academics
  • politicians
  • media personnel
  • lawyers
  • human resources personnel
  • trades unionists
  • members of like minded justice groups