How to Cope

A wrongful allegation is so destructive to the accused, their families friends and communities, that FACT decided to add a special section to the website on how to cope. It is hoped that the strategies here will be helpful. Much of the material is the result of a survey of members of FACT which asked what helped them in the aftermath of a false allegation.

The information concerning the suffering of the falsely accused comes from the research paper ‘The Impact of Being Wrongly Accused of Abuse in Occupations of Trust: Victims’ Voices‘ written in 2016 by the Oxford University Institute of Criminology and from the results of the survey of FACT members.

Navigate the menu to find pages about the impact of wrongful allegations, coping strategies and resources.

This section is written by a doctor who was wrongly accused of non-recent sexual abuse. The doctor was not charged, and the General Medical Council revoked their suspension without the need for a hearing. By then the allegation had caused untold damage and suffering to the doctor and their family.

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