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Hate Campaign Forces Victim of False Allegations From His Home

July 28, 2021:

How easy it is to destroy a person’s life. It just takes three easy steps. 1. Make a false allegation of rape and paedophilia against the target of your campaign. Don’t worry if the police find no substance to the allegation. 2. Post your victim’s photo and name together with the false allegation on social […]

Spring Edition of FACTion Now Available

June 22, 2021:

Our latest edition of FACTion magazine is now available. Not only is it packed with articles but also beautifully designed. The new academic report ‘Robbed of Everything’, is introduced. ‘Robbed of Everything’ describes the experience of those wrongfully accused who were convicted. You can download a copy of the ‘Robbed of Everything’ here. Download your […]

Easy Jail, a New Service for the Wrongfully Accused

One of the worst fears of the wrongly accused and their families is that they may face a prison sentence. A new service has been started by someone who has been through the system themselves. Easy Jail can offer advice and support right from the time of an arrest, through court and if necessary, through […]

Inadequate Appeals System Means No Safety Net for Wrongfully Convicted

May 13, 2021:

FACT has known for a long time that the appeal system in England is failing those who have suffered the worst abuse the state can inflict on a citizen, a wrongful conviction. The catastrophic failure of justice that led to over 550 post office workers being wrongly accused of stealing may have been a shock […]

10,000 Views of Our Page on Coping Strategies

May 4, 2021:

In 2017 FACT gave a questionnaire to its members who attended one of its conferences. The object was to glean ideas on how to cope with the terrible impact of being the object of a wrongful allegation of child abuse. The results of this questionnaire were distilled into a list of techniques and strategies that […]

The Plight of Falsely Accused People Just Isn’t a Story Any Editor Dares to Tell

The title is a quote from an article on Peter Joyce’s new website ‘Blackstone’s Drum‘. Blackstone (1723-1780) famously said “it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” This principle is said to have influenced the nineteenth-century development of “beyond a reasonable doubt” as the burden of proof in criminal law […]

‘Robbed of Everything’: The Voices of Former Prisoners Maintaining Innocence, and their Relatives

February 20, 2021:

Rosalie Burnett DPhil (University of Oxford) and Naomi-Ellen Speechley PhD (University of Manchester) have just published another important report on the experiences of those wrongfully accused of sexual abuse.

How Wrongful Allegations Can Happen

November 30, 2020:

In the first chapter of her excellent book “Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse”, the editor Ros Burnett goes to some trouble to explain her use of the term “wrongful allegation” rather than “false allegation”. The word “false” in this context can easily be seen as a character attack on the person making the […]

Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies, by The Secret Barrister

November 21, 2020:

Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies by The Secret Barrister ISBN-13: 978-1529009941 Publisher: Picador -3 Sept. 2020 Hard Cover: £13 – £20 As it states on the inside of the book jacket, ‘Thankfully, the Secret Barrister is back to reveal stupidity, malice and incompetence behind many of the biggest legal […]

Carl Beech Loses Appeal to Reduce Sentence

November 5, 2020:

Carl Beech is infamous for falsely accusing a number of high profile people of abuse, including Lord Brammal, Harvey Proctor, Lord Brittan, Edward Heath, Greville Janner and others. His barrister appealed on the basis that Mr Beech’s allegations did not result in anyone being charged. However Tony Badenoch QC, who was the prosecutor at Beech’s […]

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