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Chris Saltrese Solicitors

Estimated reading time: 1 minute Our attention has been drawn to several excellent articles on Chris Saltrese’ website; False Allegations: Contrary to popular belief false…

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Arrest first, investigate later

Recent revelations concerning Lynne Owen’s policy of arresting rape suspects before investigating their case when she was chief constable of Surrey police have caused concern…

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Appointment of FACT President

We are delighted to announce Sister Frances Dominica OBE,DL,FRCN who shared her own experiences of being falsely accused in her talk at FACTs 2016 Spring…

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The Horrors of Pre-Charge Bail

There have been a number of high-profile cases where individuals under investigation have been subject to pre-charge bail for many months and even years, yet…

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We smugly boast of Magna Carta

Peter Hitchens says that the quiet collapse of English liberty has left us all powerless against the state. An excerpt from his article in the…

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