Warning to all wrongfully accused: keep all your records safe even when you think your case is closed

November 6, 2017

Retain All Your Records in a Safe Dry Place even when you think Your Case Is Closed This may be especially pertinent to those whose case has been deemed NFA, no further action. The Helpline regularly experiences calls from Falsely Accused people who believed all was over. Callers are being informed by police that their […]

A service of fellowship and encouragement for all those who have been affected by false allegations of abuse

November 3, 2017

A service of fellowship and encouragement for all those who have been affected by false allegations of abuse will be held on Saturday 17th March 2018, St James Piccadilly at 12 noon. By invitation to FACT members and members of the groups in the alliance ‘Unfounded’. Supportive friends and family are welcome.

BBC report on “recovered memory therapy” and the case of Carol Felstead

October 11, 2017

Carol Felstead’s father describes how his daughter developed false memories of abuse after receiving hypnosis purported to recover repressed memories. Dr Julia Shaw, a memory scientist talks about the danger of “recovered memory therapy” and the need for better regulation of the psychotherapy industry. Watch the video on the BFMS site here.

Child sexual abuse statistics need careful interpretation

September 28, 2017

Anyone who has been wrongfully accused of child abuse will know how difficult it is to convince others, whether police, social services or their employers, that they are innocent. One reason for this may be that everyone is subject to cognitive biases. These are very common thinking errors which influence the way we make decisions. […]

How to hack a memory: how someone can remember something that didn’t really happen

September 20, 2017

If you had a memory of being abused as a child and someone told you that this was a false memory, this would be extremely upsetting. You might think that they were implying that you were a liar or even that you were deranged. At the very least it would seem that they were not […]

Retired priest Roy Catchpole reveals how "heartbreaking" sex abuse allegations "wrecked his life"

September 14, 2017

“I have enormous respect and empathy for those who are sexually abused. I believe that their hands should be strengthened by the law so that their abusers can come to judgement and be punished.” “But I want to speak also for those who are innocent. I want to speak for those who have been falsely […]

Behind The Blue Line! My fight against racism and discrimination in the Police

September 5, 2017

‘Behind The Blue Line My fight against racism and discrimination in the Police’ By Gurpal Virdi, will be published on January 18th 2018 by Biteback publications and can be preordered here. Detective Sergeant Gurpal Singh Virdi’s exemplary career in the Metropolitan Police Service ended when he spoke out against racism within it: an issue it […]

Dominic Lawson writes on one particular motive for making a wrongful allegation

September 3, 2017

Wrongful allegations are made for many reasons, and are not necessarily malicious in intent. Unfortunately, financial gain seems to be a motive in some cases. Simon Warr talks about his experience here, and Dominic Lawson has written and article in The Times discussing this issue. His suggestion that compensation to victims of abuse should mirror […]

Children aren’t always truthful about sexual abuse

September 2, 2017

There seems to be a belief that children never lie about child sexual abuse. This view may be understandable because it seems difficult to imagine how and why a child would lie about something as serious and abhorrent as child abuse. This assumption also sits comfortably with the current advice given to police that they […]

Simon Warr and Matthew Scott blog on the Jemma Beale case

August 30, 2017

Jemma Beale was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for making false allegations of sexual assault and rape. One of her victims was sentenced to seven years as a consequence of her actions. Meanwhile the response in the media has been that such cases are exceedingly rare. This is a belief that is at […]

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