Spring Conference programme now available for download

April 16, 2019

We have an exciting programme at this Spring Conference. We are spending some time looking into how we can move on from a false allegation, this will be followed by our main speaker, Daniel Janner QC. We shall then be spending a brief time looking at what our 20years of service has accomplished and the […]

No apology for miscarriage of justice victim Gareth Jones

February 8, 2019

Gareth Jones was a care worker who was convicted of sexual assault in 2008. Gareth who has learning difficulties was working in a care home and called for help because a woman with dementia was bleeding heavily. He was arrested the following day. He had only been alone with the woman for four minutes while […]

Could the Gillen Review do more for the falsely accused?

February 2, 2019

You could be forgiven for not having heard of the Gillen Review. The Criminal Justice Board in Northern Ireland commissioned this review of the arrangements to deliver justice in serious sexual offence cases. Its task was to ‘determine whether current arrangements deliver the best outcomes for victims, defendants and justice; and to make recommendations for […]

John Hemming wins libel case

January 31, 2019

To quote the Telegraph ‘A former MP, who was falsely accused of being part of a VIP paedophile ring, has won a rare libel action over comments made about him on social media’. The MP described how he had received threats of violence and ‘hundreds if not thousands’ of aggressive messages. One person had even […]

Winter Edition of FACTion magazine is now available

The winter edition of FACTion magazine is now available for download here. This issue focuses on the 2018 Autumn Conference of FACT and you can read the contributions made by the speakers. Our main speaker at the conference was Daniel Berke of 3D solicitors. He is well known for successfully defending Rolf Harris at his […]

Daniel Berke posts video on the topic of disclosure of evidence

December 15, 2018

Daniel Berke of 3D solicitors was our main speaker at our Autumn conference. He has published a video where he explains the importance of gaining full disclosure of evidence to support your defence, and how you can help your defence team. Please take a look at this very useful video. https://vimeo.com/294637559

In grateful memory of the late Richard Webster

December 8, 2018

Richard Webster was an investigative journalist, well loved by FACT members, who died in 2011 aged 60. Our chairman has written this tribute which is particularly pertinent as our 20th Anniversary approaches. Richard researched and wrote about many of the issues central to FACT’s work, he was very far sighted and I believe decades ahead […]

Although ‘Nick’ has been charged, the justice system continues to fail the innocent

‘Nick’ alleged that he had been sexually abused by a number of VIPs including Ted Heath; Leon Brittan, Lord Bramall and Harvey Proctor. His real name has now been made public, he is Carl Beech. His allegations lead to the £2.5 million pound heavily criticized investigation by the Met Police known as Operation Midland. The […]

New: The Falsely Accused Help Team

November 15, 2018

Those who have been wrongfully accused of abuse need all the help they can get. Our members generally find that they need to be proactive in finding the evidence that can prove their innocence. Now there is a team that understand this and can do some of this work for you. The following is a […]

Police detective talks about danger of ‘bandwagon effect’

November 5, 2018

Anyone wrongly accused of sexual abuse lives in fear of the ‘bandwagon effect’. If the allegations against them are made public then they are afraid that the mentally disturbed and the unscrupulous will jump on the bandwagon and claim that they too have been abused. The police have taken the view that publicising someone’s name […]

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