False Claims Bill

We believe there is a now a strong case for the Government to introduce a False Claims Bill which would make it a criminal offence for someone:-

 … to knowingly falsely accuse a person of any action which damages their reputation to such an extent that it threatens their right to family life, their right to associate with others, and their prospects of securing or maintaining their employment. 

We do not accept the view that existing legislation is adequate. 

  • It is true that it is possible to prosecute people in the criminal courts for wasting police time, and for perverting the course  of justice but these actions can normally only be taken when matters are being, or have been, dealt with by the police or by the Courts, and only with their permission. 
  • It is also true that action can be taken in the civil courts for libel and slander but it is very costly to do so.

What is needed is Act of Parliament which sends out a clear message that making false claims is unacceptable.

If you agree why not ask your MP to support this suggestion. Here you can find details of how to contact your local councillor, MP, MEP, MSP, Welsh Assembly member.

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