Campaigning and Lobbying

It is perhaps a sad reflection on society that people whose work regularly brings them into contact with children, or vulnerable or dependent adults, do not realise just how:-

  • vulnerable they are to being falsely accused of abuse
  • how closed safeguarding bodies are to any possibility that the allegations made might be untrue
  • how inadequate the justice system is establishing truth

All of us who have been affected by false allegations therefore have a responsibility to raise awareness of these issues.

F.A.C.T. plays it part by:-

  • engaging with the news media and film makers
  • engaging with politicians and relevant civil servants
  • encouraging authors prepared to highlight fraudulent claims and investigative malpractice
  • encouraging research
  • direct and indirect action throughout the UK

F.A.C.T. much prefers rational argument and debate than militant action.

You can help help raise awareness of some of these issues by joining FACT, volunteering to be an ambassador for F.A.C.T. or by participating in our lobbying or campaign initiatives.

Campaign Leaflet (2014)

Download: FACT campaign leaflet – useful facts and case studies.

For information generally on the issue of false abuse or investigative malpractice see:-

It is also worth searching websites of solicitiors, barristers and investigative agencies for specific information relating to false accusations.

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