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FACT abhors child abuse. We accept sadly that children are abused, but believe that the extent to which this happens is exaggerated.

FACT is clear that all forms of abuse are wrong. We recognize that the police, investigative agencies, and listing bodies have a difficult job to do.

FACT accepts that all complaints of abuse must be thoroughly investigated.

FACT encourages the immediate reporting of abuse. We believe that anyone who has been abused has responsibility both to themselves and to wider society to report this immediately.

FACT will not allow anyone into its membership unless they sign a declaration that any allegations of abuse that have been made against them are false and warrant they have not downloaded child pornography.

FACT strongly believes in the indivisibility of justice – for those who are abused as children (and their families) and for those who are falsely accused of abuse.

FACT believes that safeguarding children and the vulnerable, and taking seriously the possibility that false allegations of abuse have been made, are not mutually exclusive concepts. Both are important and both impact on each other.

FACT strongly believes that people have an inalienable right to maintain their innocence if indeed they are innocent. This should be respected even if that belief is questioned by others.

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