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FACT has its roots in the decisions of various police forces in the UK to undertake historical investigations into alleged abuse in former children’s homes and residential schools.

The first to do this was the North Wales Police Force who began their inquires in 1991. They were followed by Merseyside and Cheshire Police. Within a decade virtually every police force in the UK was either undertaking retrospective investigations into alleged abuse, or planning to do so. In North Wales and in Liverpool the scale of the investigations was so great and misinformed that huge numbers of carers and teachers banded together for mutual support. The first support group was set up in North Wales in 1992.

In the late 1990’s several people from Merseyside and surrounding area banded together following the decision of Merseyside and Cheshire Police to establish Operation Care in which they trawled for allegations from former residents of care homes throughout the Northwest. FACT was formed in late 1999.

In the Spring of 2000 hundreds attended the first ever FACT National Conference held at St Helens. The huge numbers struck a chord with other carers and teachers throughout the UK in a similar position. Local activists were joined by concerned academics, lawyers, professionals and politicians.

As more individuals were accused and the injustices became more apparent other local groups and individual campaigns merged to form a powerful and respected national network, and an organization to be reckoned with.

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