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Whilst the bulk of our membership and those we support are carers and teachers many of them are not. All people whose work brings them into contact with children and vulnerable adults are at risk of false allegations, so our membership also includes people working as faith leaders or in law enforcement and the health service.

You are welcome to join FACT if you are:

  • an academic
  • a politician
  • media personnel
  • a lawyer
  • human resources personnel
  • a trades unionist
  • a member of like minded justice groups
  • or just know someone who has been falsely accused.
  • a spouse or partner of an accused person


We only deal with allegations of abuse made in a work setting (paid or unpaid).

FACT is therefore unable to provide advice or support to individuals who have been accused of abuse by family members, close friends, neighbours, or by strangers.

We must make it clear that there is no place in FACT for people who are factually guilty of neglecting, harming or abusing children, young people or adults.

Please do not waste our time by approaching us if you are guilty. Membership is not open to those who have been found in possession of child pornography including on any computer for which you are responsible.