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Our latest edition of FACT news is now available for download.

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Justice cost Brian Buckle Half a Million Pounds

In this copy you can read about Brian Buckle’s horrendous experience of being falsely accused of sexual abuse and how this cost him £500,000. Unbelievably, this was the price for instructing a competent barrister, private investigators and the best forensic analysis laboratory he could find. He was in prison for several years before his second request for an appeal resulted in him being granted ‘instant release’. Despite this he had to suffer a retrial, and only then, when evidence not previously disclosed was heard, and when his accuser admitted she had been lying, did he finally walk away exonerated.

Memory and Injustice

Dr Kevin Felstead is well known as the founder of the British False Memory Society and is the editor of a new book which is reviewed in this edition of FACT news. Find out how memory can change with the passage of time and can give rise to false accusations.

memory can be a can of worms
Memory can’t always be trusted

Disclosure Failings

‘Proper disclosure of unused material, made through a rigorous and carefully considered application of the law, remains a crucial part of a fair trial, and essential to avoiding miscarriages of justice.’
The 2013 judicial protocol on the disclosure of unused material in criminal cases

Suzanne Gower, a criminal defence solicitor advocate gave a talk to our conference last year concerning the thorny issue of disclosure in criminal trials. A very detailed account of her lecture is given in this issue.

25 years of FACT

Brian Hudson, our secretary and CEO has written a history of FACT covering the whole 25 years of its existence. Will FACT be needed for another 25 years? We shall see.

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