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Andrew Malkinson is Guest Editor on BBC Today Program



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Andrew Malkinson was the  Guest Editor of the BBC Radio 4 TODAY PROGRAMME on 29 Dec 2023 .
He was wrongly convicted of rape and finally exonerated (by DNA evidence) earlier this year, having served 17 years in prison.  You can listen to the programme here but it only available until 26 January. It is free but you have to register with your email address and a password.

There is an abridged version of the program here Best of Today – Andrew Malkinson Guest Edits Today – BBC Sounds which is available for at least a year.

Dotted throughout the three hour programme, there are various conversations with Andrew, and about wrongful convictions. Dr Ros Burnett has helpfully picked out the relevant sections and added a description of the content.

Once you are logged on, use the times below the sliding bar, to go to the relevant sections:

10:41 (10mins:41seconds)  Introduction,
34:29 Compensation.
46:00 Interview with Prof Adrian Grounds, Cambridge on psychological effects of wrongful conviction, and the need for support to be provided.
1:18 (1hr:18mins) Studying in prison.
1:37 Interview with relatives of the wrongly convicted.
1:47 Thought for the Day by the former chaplain of the prison that Andrew was in.
2:10 Andrew talks with John McCarthy, who was held hostage for years by Lebanese Hezbollah, about their common experiences.
2:31 Andrew visits Jodrell Bank Observatory. An interest in astronomy expanded his world when he was in prison.
2:43 Interview with Justin Webb (Today Programme Presenter). The interview with him earlier in the year, which was the day after he was officially declared innocent, was chosen by regular listeners to the programme as ‘The Interview of the Year’.
The programme ends with Bob Marley singing ‘Redemption’, one of Andrew’s favourites.