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FACT AGM and Conference



Our Annual General Meeting and Autumn Conference will be on 14th October at St Luke’s Church in Birmingham. The programme for the day can be downloaded here.

Our main speaker is Dr Michael Naughton who is an academic specializing in miscarriages of justice, false allegations and wrongful conviction and imprisonment who has received numerous awards and prizes for his work. Michael is the Founder and Director of Empowering the Innocent (ETI), a research project aimed at criminal justice system reform. Empowering the Innocence (ETI) has so far set up two sub-projects, CCRC Watch and False Allegations Watch (FAW).

Our guest speaker is Brian Buckle. In May this year Brian was acquitted of several historic charges of child sexual abuse at Swansea Crown Court. This was a re-trial ordered by the court of appeal following a long campaign to seek justice for Brian. We now await to see what will happen following the exposure of the evidence used to frame Brian and the actions of the police who gathered the evidence to wrongly convict him.

This looks to be an exciting afternoon. Please note that you must book in advance if you want to come. You need to email us at support@factuk.org