Easy Jail, a New Service for the Wrongfully Accused

June 22, 2021

One of the worst fears of the wrongly accused and their families is that they may face a prison sentence. A new service has been started by someone who has been through the system themselves.

Easy Jail can offer advice and support right from the time of an arrest, through court and if necessary, through prison and after.

Though none of us would want to think about the possibility of a custodial sentence, if it seems likely that this may happen, it is better to be prepared. The first weeks of incarceration can be bewildering for prisoners and their families and Easy Jail provides help with navigating through this difficult time. Easy Jail can also help families of prisoners deal with the many problems that arise, such as negotiating with creditors, relocation and understanding the visiting system.

Resettlement following a period in prison can be challenging and Easy Jail can help with this too. In fact this service offers so much you should visit their website because I haven’t been able to include everything here.

Contact Easy Jail at pcs@factuk.org


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