Falsely Accused Day on 9th September

June 4, 2021

A day to bring attention to false accusations has been set aside on the 9th September. This day has been chosen to commemorate the Birthday of Simon Warr, a great campaigner and member of the FACT committee until his death in early 2020.

Simon Warr

Many organisations for the wrongly accused and convicted are taking part and each asking their members to undertake initiatives to highlight both the day and the cause. You are asked once again to write to your MP’s or direct to ministers. Perhaps you can highlight that maintaining innocence in the prison system should been seen as just that and individuals should not be labelled as ‘deniers’.

We seek along with other groups to bring to the attention of the whole country the enormity of the problem and devastation it brings to families and future generations. Those who are found guilty or even accused are not the only ones to suffer. The courts are wrongly convicting not just a grandfather but a wife, children, close friends, and ex work colleagues, all who will forever be shocked and grieve for the injustice and the permanent stain upon the wrongfully accused person’s character. A false allegation is the most dehumanising of all crimes and often individuals are convicted only on the testimony of the complainant rather than any other evidence. It is time that a return to a justice system which requires evidence beyond doubt and not a ‘believe all and everything’ mentality and practice.

Lets make this day useful and focus our attention to do something together each year on this day. If you have ideas and want to contribute then email;


Web https://falselyaccusedday.org


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