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Carl Beech Loses Appeal to Reduce Sentence



Carl Beech is infamous for falsely accusing a number of high profile people of abuse, including Lord Brammal, Harvey Proctor, Lord Brittan, Edward Heath, Greville Janner and others.

His barrister appealed on the basis that Mr Beech’s allegations did not result in anyone being charged. However Tony Badenoch QC, who was the prosecutor at Beech’s trial, told the court the defendant had “traduced reputations” of his victims by making “the most lurid accusations”. Furthermore, Lord Justice Stuart-Smith said the reputations of the victims were “traduced” on a national and global scale.

This ruling is important to those of us who have been falsely accused because it recognizes that even when an allegation does not lead to charges being made, the harm suffered by the victim of the allegation, their family, and their friends is devastating. Moreover, the consequences of a wrongful allegation can last a lifetime, both in the damage to mental health and the effect on reputation and employability.

After the judgement, one of those who suffered greatly as a result of Carl Beech’s false allegations, Harvey Proctor, made the following comment.

“The decision of the court is excellent and it draws attention to the damage that false accusers can make and is a deterrent to further false accusers in the future.”

One can only hope that this decision will act as a deterrent.