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The Late Simon Warr



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Most members of FACT will be only too aware that Simon Warr recently died following a rapidly progressive illness. Simon was a highly valued member of our committee who was vocal in his support for the falsely accused. He courageously spoke up for our plight on radio and television and in his blog ‘The Warr Zone’.

Simon Warr

As he neared the end of his life, he was interviewed by his friend James Hazell. James said “presumably it [the false allegation] pales into insignificance next to this [terminal cancer]”. Simon answered, emphatically, “No it doesn’t …” and went on to explain why. His last interview emphasizes that no one should ever underestimate the terrible damage that a wrongful allegation can cause to a person’s life.

Simon will be very much missed. There have been many tributes to his life, and rather than repeating them I’ve placed links to some of them below.

From our president, Sister Frances Dominica OBE, DL, FRCN

‘Simon’s contribution on behalf of those who have been falsely accused of abuse cannot be measured. Through his writing, his broadcasting and his personal encounters he spoke powerfully on behalf of us all. He will be greatly missed but his message will not die with him.’

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