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Doctor’s conviction quashed



A doctor who was wrongfully accused of sexual assault of a female patient had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal last week. He had already served his full prison sentence and been struck off the medical register.

While he was in prison his family instructed a new legal team who uncovered fresh evidence which was said to have undermined the credibility of his accuser.

Doctors are particularly vulnerable to this kind of allegation because of the nature of their work.

It was fortunate that his family had the resources, determination and resilience to pursue the appeal. Many people in a similar position would not be able to do this. FACT currently has 24 members protesting their innocence and spending this Christmas in prison. Meanwhile the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which exists to investigate miscarriages of justice, is underfunded.

Let’s hope that as our new government keeps its promise to end austerity and urgently mends our broken justice system.