When will the public wake up? The Sir Richard Henriques Report

November 6, 2019

We are all our own worst enemy because we so often believe we will never be the victim of a false allegation. How could this happen, we are not doing anything wrong? FACT would be very rich if it had a pound for every time we have heard that. The second thing we hear is that false allegations are rare. But this does not come from the hundreds and hundreds of people who have contacted us for support.

When false allegations do happen we then have another myth which comes into play and that is that Britain has the best justice system in the world and this will ensure those who have done absolutely nothing wrong will be protected by it. That is absolute rubbish. It could not be further from the truth. Many observers, commentators and barristers on the coal face refer to the justice system as being broken. This is widely known – but apparently not by the public or surely, they would react? Can it be that they still believe it cannot happen to them? Wake up! It’s happening and it may be coming your way!

Everyone who is wrongly accused suffers immediately and has consequences for the rest of their life. Particularly in the areas of health, work and housing. This further extends to their family and friends.

FACT has seen the massive deterioration over the past 20 years of a justice system which originally held strong the protection of the innocent. Today there is a complete reversal, where someone making an allegation is instantly referred to by the police as a victim who must be believed no matter how far-fetched the allegation. The police are crucial to the operation of a professional and unbiased system, yet they are failing us. FACT was set up over 20 years ago to support professionals and volunteers working with vulnerable people, including members of the police force. We believe the police need proper funding, resources and training. We desperately want to see a trustworthy, honest and professional police force. There are many officers who are working hard to try and achieve this, yet pressure groups and politicians are drawing us further and further away. Clearly there are corrupted officers who should not be in a position of public responsibility for various reasons, and this applies at all levels. But what is beyond belief and totally unacceptable is when their shortcomings are exposed they are not always removed from public office and some are promoted! Extraordinary! We have teachers contacting us who have been accused of a relatively minor thing which is proven not to have happened and they are still banned from teaching for life. The police appear to be a law unto themselves.

As previously stated FACT has many years of experience and knowledge, this can be used in police training to improve policing. We are very keen for this to happen and have recently attempted to open a dialog with the College of Policing, whom I should add are still advocating the policy of believing the accuser and referring to them as a victim. They have chosen not to respond to us. When will dialogue be possible? The root cause of the problem runs deep within these organisations and certain individuals. There must change for the sake of a decent society.
So we turn to matters of the release of Sir Richard Henriques report and operation Midland. From FACT’s point of view, it comes as absolutely no surprise to us at all. We know what is happening.

A lot of highly professional and well-informed articles have been written about the details of the situation in which we find ourselves, some of which are linked below so I won’t detail it all again here but please do read these. When you read through, you will see examples of what is written above. It’s there in plain sight, evidenced and presented by a judge. It is such an important public disclosure of the broken system. We have to ask ourselves will it bring about the changes we need?

Over the last 24 months or so we have seen an increasing number of false allegations against high-profile celebrity and establishment figures hitting the media. Sir Cliff Richard being one, and of course the Carl Beech allegations in Operation Midland. It cannot be overstressed that this is only the tip of the iceberg. I tend to refer to the rest of us as ‘the ordinary folk’ and it is this group which is suffering in larger numbers and does not have the resources to fight back on their own, they need help.

If you are reading this out of genuine interest and have not suffered a false allegation, I applaud you and sincerely thank you. Please don’t just sit back and do nothing, that early morning knock on the door, which will turn your life upside down, could so easily be on your door!

FACT Chairman

The report can be downloaded from the Met Police website at www.met.police.uk/henriques


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