The Legal Compensation Scandal

July 17, 2019

The following is an extract from an article about the potential harm to the wrongfully accused caused by the “compensation culture”. It was written by one of our members, Jeremy Dunning-Davies who also supplied the data in the graph.

The whole article is available here.

Data for compensation awarded by CICA for sexual abuse acquired by freedom of information request

“One of the banes of our present-day society is the compensation culture which has developed in relatively recent years, partially with the active help of avaricious members of the legal profession and recently it has become apparent that the trend to claim compensation for a variety of extremely dubious reasons is very much on the increase. Nowhere is this more evident than in the compensation being granted in so many cases of alleged sexual abuse. Compensation being awarded to proven victims of abuse may be justifiable although, even then, non-financial compensation might be felt more appropriate but, when actual financial compensation is awarded, or when financial payment is promised, before any trial that is surely tantamount to bribery.”

The whole article is available here.


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