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Good News! Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice Begins



The Westminster Commission on Miscarriages has been established by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice (APPGMJ) with a brief to investigate the ability of the criminal justice system to identify and rectify miscarriages of justice.

The commission will focus on the Criminal Cases Review Commission, (CCRC) which to many, both in the legal profession and to those wrongfully convicted, has seemed unfit for purpose.

They will investigate the following:

The ability of the CCRC, as currently set up, to deal effectively with alleged miscarriages of justice;
Whether statutory or other changes might be needed to assist the CCRC to carry out is function, including;
(i) The CCRC’s relationship with the Court of Appeal with particular reference to the current test for referring cases to it (the ‘real possibility’ test);

(ii) The remit, composition, structure and funding of the CCRC;

The extent to which the CCRC’s role is hampered by failings or issues elsewhere in the criminal justice system

The commission is asking for written submissions, and is also preparing a questionnaire for those who have direct experience of applying to the CCRC, either to appeal their own case or on behalf of a family member.

Please visit their page here for details on how to do this.

Be aware that the deadline for submissions is 2nd September 2019.