Winter Edition of FACTion magazine is now available

January 31, 2019

The winter edition of FACTion magazine is now available for download here.

This issue focuses on the 2018 Autumn Conference of FACT and you can read the contributions made by the speakers.

Our main speaker at the conference was Daniel Berke of 3D solicitors. He is well known for successfully defending Rolf Harris at his second trial. His talk was entitled ‘Defending Sexual Abuse Charges in a Climate of Hysteria’.

Another of our star speakers was Liam Allan who is a student who was falsely accused of rape. During the trial it was revealed that vital evidence exonerating him had not been disclosed by the police. He introduced us to ‘Innovation of Justice’ which is hoping to unite those individuals and organisations involved in speaking up for the falsely accused to ‘create one voice to achieve justice for all’.

Roy Catchpole described how the lure of compensation could encourage false allegations, and Patrick Graham told the conference about the film he was making. He is still looking for people who would be prepared to describe their experiences of being falsely accused. He can be contacted on

John Brown spoke about the problems of our ‘online legacy’, the reports about us that linger on the internet and social media for ever, whether or not they are true. Jonathan King told us about his experience at the wrong end of Operation Ravine.

There is a lot more in this issue which is useful and encouraging to those who have suffered from wrongful allegations. Download it here.


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