New: The Falsely Accused Help Team

November 15, 2018

Logo for Falsely Accused HelpThose who have been wrongfully accused of abuse need all the help they can get. Our members generally find that they need to be proactive in finding the evidence that can prove their innocence. Now there is a team that understand this and can do some of this work for you. The following is a description of this new service in the team’s own words.

The Falsely Accused Help team offer a bespoke, confidential service to anyone who finds themselves (or a loved one) falsely accused of a crime they did not commit.

We can assist those who have been falsely accused pre-charge, pre-trial, post-acquittal and post-conviction. We have experience of false allegations in a work related context or those made against people working in a voluntary capacity.

We specialise in false allegations of sexual abuse and assault, however, the knowledge and skills we have acquired can also assist those people falsely accused of other crimes and misconduct.

Our particular expertise is in undertaking research, especially online (e.g. social media), document, database and evidence analysis, and data access. We offer an additional service at reasonable hourly rates that can complement and inform the work of your legal team who may not have the time to undertake this crucial and specialised research. Please see our website for more details about our services or contact us at

For further information see their website


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