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Prominent men are said to be suing the Metropolitan Police



Lord Bramall and Paul Gambacinni are suing the Metropolitan Police according to the Daily Mail.

Paul Gambacinni was publicly named as being accused of an historical sexual offence and spent a year on bail. He says he is £200,000 out of pocket due to lost earnings and legal expenses. His year of terrible suffering is documented in his book Love, Paul Gambaccini .

Harvey Proctor who suffered a similar fate says he is destitute, and has repeatedly called for his accuser to be prosecuted. However, in an interview with the Yellow Advertiser he has denied that he is actually suing the police, apparently they have offered to pay him compensation and his solicitors are seeking a settlement.

Sir Henriques investigated Operation Midland which had started with a public statement that the main accuser ‘Nick’ had given testimony which was ‘credible and true’. He made a number of recommendations which can be found on the Met’s website.

Many celebrities and non-celebrities have endured the public shaming caused by the police informing the press of their arrest or interview even though they have not been charged. Meanwhile their accusers have remained anonymous. They often lose their jobs and their reputation and may have to spend their life savings on their defence.

It is hoped that these lawsuits will encourage the police to take a more cautious approach to publicly naming those who have been accused of historical sexual offences but have not been charged.