What it's like to be wrongfully accused of rape

November 24, 2016

This facebook diary relates the story of one person’s experience of being wrongfully accused of rape. The story is, unfortunately, ongoing.

Lies & Injustice: a true diary of a False Allegation

Here are a few excerpts, but it’s better if you read it yourself

“One day I’m chilling and normal, just going about my business and the next day my whole life is on the the line.”

“I hate this. I could feel myself getting jittery all the time but today I damn near had a panic attack just because I a cop car drove past me and started to slow down. My anxiety is wrecking me”

“Anger. Angry all the time.”

“Worst of all, the DC actually said – and I shit you not, this is a QUOTE: “we’ll never really know what happened.”
Sadly not said on tape. But what the hell is THAT? Surely that means I can’t be charged? Surely that means he doubts the claims? What the HELL is going on?!
I’m actually really annoyed that my solicitor didn’t jump on that comment: I guess that is what is to be expected when you’re just a cheap shit Legal Aid case. You don’t get pro-service. You just get the interview covered: not their job to represent you properly.”

“I have kept in contact with some people who have been through it and kind of reassured that this whole surreal experience is “normal” for this kind of experience.
I appreciate the support, but can’t say it puts me “at ease” other than to know I am not alone in feeling like this. Well…not completely.”

No, Rick, you’re not alone. All too many of us have been through this too.

Lies & Injustice: a true diary of a False Allegation


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