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The Perfect Scapegoat by Jessie Kyd



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The Perfect Scapegoat is the true story of a naive twenty-year-old girl unwittingly caught up in an investigation into alleged child sexual abuse.

Book cover of the Perfect Scapegoat
The Perfect Scapegoat

Jessie has spent almost five years working for a busy family with three children. Overnight her world is shattered when one of the children is suspected of having been sexually abused, and questions are being asked. From this moment on Jessie’s life will never be the same again. She is caught up in a distressing police investigation and the devastation worsens with the involvement of the social services. Jessie soon realises that she is faced with an extremely serious and potentially life-changing situation.

The Perfect Scapegoat tells Jessie’s very personal and at times heart-wrenching
account of the abuse investigation and her struggle for many years after to fight
for justice and a normal life.

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