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Our attention has been drawn to several excellent articles on Chris Saltrese’ website;

False Allegations:

Contrary to popular belief false allegations of sexual offences are neither rare nor are they readily sifted out by the criminal justice system. Nor can defendants place unquestioning reliance on the ‘scrutiny of the courts’ to secure the correct verdict. They need to employ an active and positive defence to maximise their chances of obtaining the right result. On our website we provide information on the rise of false allegations, types of cases and causes and the pitfalls that a defendant might face. Each case rests on its own facts, but distinct patterns of cases have emerged over the last 25 years, often reflecting media publicity and incentives.

While genuine allegations may cause a great deal of harm, false allegations can ruin a defendant and his or her family’s life. It is in everybody’s interest to provide a robust defence and a fair trial.

Those who have been falsely accused will find the following articles especially relevant:-

Also of interest will be a very impressive summary of cases which Chris Saltrese has represented successfully.