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Respected Headteacher cleared by a jury of sexual assault on pupil in just 11 minutes.



James Bird, 53, was arrested at his desk and subjected to an 11-month court ordeal over the claims, dating back more than a decade old, that he abused a pupil.The church-goer, who now works at another school, was even prevented from being alone with his 13-year-old daughter in that time.

The father-of-four was accused of molesting an unruly 10-year-old boy who had been sent to his study for talking back to a teacher at his Church of England primary school in Accrington, Lancashire. Staff called the boy “aggressive, confrontational and challenging”.

Now 20, he went to police after a drinking session with a friend to complain Mr Bird had assaulted him “seven or eight times”.

He claimed that the respected head teacher forced him to perform sex acts as a “punishment”.

Mr Bird was arrested, then suspended but was cleared of four gross indecency charges after a three-day trial at Preston Crown Court.

Mr Bird, of Leyland, Lancashire, said afterwards: “I’m very happy that the truth has come out.

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