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School teacher cleared of sexual activity with a student.



A FORMER public school teacher has told of his frustration that his unblemished career has been left in tatters after he was cleared of sexual activity with a student.

Russell Woolwright, 30, spoke out after he was found not guilty of allegations of making the teenager perform a sex act on him during an encounter in an alleyway.

He had met up with the girl after she pestered him with string of lewd emails. He said he told the girl to stop contacting him and twice backed away when she tried to kiss him.

After the police later learned of the email exchange between the pair, the girl “embellished” her version of events and claimed she carried out the sex act after he dropped his trousers in front of her.

A jury today took 90 minutes to find him not guilty of two counts of causing or inciting sexual activity with a girl as an adult in a position of trust.

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