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Response to the Jillings report



The Jillings Report describes events which took place many years ago.

FACT has alway accepted that abuse did occur in North Wales Children’s homes (although not on the scale alleged) and that for some children their experience of being looked after was not good enough.

Having read the Jillings Report we are confident that the matters raised by Mr Jillings were subsequently examined, in depth, by Sir Ronald Waterhouse and also by the Police.

We see no merit in pursuing these matters further.

It is time to bring closure to all those affected by this scandal including those who were abused or mistreated, those that were not, and many innocent members of staff who, of necessity, had to be excluded from suspicion and were tainted and traumatised by a process of inquiry and media interest that has spanned well over two decades.

FACT very much hopes that the Media will recognise that events have moved on and that better safeguards are now in place to protect children from the risk of harm.

See also House of Commons debate on Jilling’s Report 17th Jun 1996