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Say NO to the UK Government's CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks – new facebook group



Our attention has been drawn to a new facebook group which has been set up to tackle CRB issues.

Title of Group
Abolish The CRB

OrganisationsNon-Profit Organisations
A group designed to raise awareness of those individuals who have been falsely accused of something and have had their enhanced CRB Disclosures tainted by the comments of insidious governmental bodies like the SS, Police and then the CRB.
For all to join, to raise awareness and to bring about a judicial review to change the law and make it fairer for parents, teachers and all people falsely accused. No convictions should mean no convictions on the CRB disclosure. The disclosure should not contain a bottom section for the discretion of the Chief Constable to slander a person’s good name.
We seek to abolish the CRB and replace it with something more fairer and just for all when the ISA comes into effect.
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