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Death of Roger Gardener



It is with considerable sadness that we report the death of Roger Gardener who died on 22nd December. Roger Gardener who had been ill in  prison  shortly after being given the swine flu vaccination.

His wife Margaret  who is Director of FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation) was at his side when he died.

She remains convinced of her husband’s innocence. The couple were married for 26 years and intent on clearing his name.

Mrs Gardener said: “He died at 7pm last Tuesday. He was rushed in on the Monday. We arrived at 11pm and stayed with him overnight.

“I came away for a few hours on the Tuesday to get a bath and wash and went straight back.

“I was just about to bed down with him and he just stopped all of a sudden. So that was the end of my old man.

She added: “I have seen the evidence and I know that he is innocent.”

Our thoughts are with Margaret and her family as they come to terms with their loss.