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Book release: Boy. Am I Mad.



Our attention has been drawn to a new book written by a UK teacher falsely accused of misconduct. This book  provides a salutary lesson to all teachers and will make you sit up and think … but for the grace of God ….

How do you lose the job you loved in the blink of an eye? How do you feel when children you cherished and cared for are lost to you? What happens when a disturbed child makes a false allegation against you? How do you prove you’re not guilty when you are innocent? Heather had a successful career of thirty years as a teacher, something she was passionate about – improving the lives of children everyday schools couldn’t cope with until one day her principal called her in to his office and told her that one of the children had made an allegation against her. This was the start of her nightmare which led her eventually after six months of waiting and growing disbelief to the interview room in the police station, to sessions with a psychiatrist and to suicidal thoughts. Severe depression became a fact of life. Life became a ladder and Heather was always going down. Some days faster than others. This is the agonising account of the ship wreck of one person’s life.

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Author(s): Heather Taylor
EAN: 9781449511371
ISBN: 1449511376
Label: CreateSpace
Manufacturer: CreateSpace
Number Of Pages: 198
Product Type Name: ABIS_BOOK
Publication Date: 2009-11-02
Publisher: CreateSpace
Studio: CreateSpace
Title: Boy. Am I Mad?