Kerelaw Report Published

May 18, 2009

The Scottish Government have announced that the Independent Inquiry Into Alleged Abuse at Kerelaw Residential School Secure Unit (ISBN 978 0 7559 5952 5) undertaken by Eddie Frizzell has been published.


1 Executive Summary
2 Background
3 Introduction
4 Kerelaw Residential School and Secure Unit
5 Looked after children legislation and regulation
6 Policy trends and initiatives
7 Range of allegations of abuse
8 The nature of abuse
9 Organisational culture
10 Capacity for improvement
11 Inspection
12 The child at the centre
13 Glasgow City Council’s stewardship of Kerelaw
14 The closure of Kerelaw
15 The Glasgow City Council investigation and discipline of Kerelaw staff
16 Disqualification from working with children
17 Lessons learned by Glasgow City Council
18 Analysis and conclusions
19 Recommendations

Annex A Terms of reference
Annex B “Rules of engagement”
Annex C Sources of Evidence
Annex D Discipline and grievance procedures – statutory requirements and good practice
Annex E List of abbreviations


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