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 National Conference on “The Challenges of Historic Allegations of Past Sexual Abuse”

Garden Court North chambers are pleased to announce the first national conference on “The Challenges of Historic Allegations of Past Sexual Abuse” in Manchester on 16th February 2009. The conference will address the challenges faced by both care home and domestic cases of historic sexual abuse and question whether the law can satisfy the expectations of victims and the public, whilst protecting those who have been falsely accused. By bringing together a panel of expert speakers with a range of backgrounds and experience the conference aims to highlight the challenges faced at all stages of the legal process in such cases.

Our Keynote speaker, Lord Justice Hooper, provided the judgments in two care home cases of R v Burke [2005] EWCA Crim 29 and R v Sheikh [2006] EWCA Crim 2625 which highlight the prejudices caused by the delay and that in certain circumstances no fair trial was possible. Other speakers include:

  • John Weeden CB (Criminal Cases Review Commission);
  • Claire Curtis-Thomas MP, former member of the Home Affairs Select Committee which considered historic allegations in the care homes context;
  • Professor Martin Conway, an expert on young memories and the law;
  • Representatives from the CPS, police and the media.

Further details are available

Mark Barlow’s chambers direct on 0161 236 1840 or email hray@gcnchambers.co.uk